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Market Entry Planning

We provide our clients with a range of support in their market entry planning process.

Market Entry Feasibility Study. We conduct initial research and prepare a short assessment of whether it is sensible to be in Thailand at all. This support gives a brief overview of the market environment, main competitors, pricing structure, potential consumers, and other factors relevant to the client.

A Market Entry Feasibility Study is strongly recommended for most market entrants to assess their chances of success in Thailand. The purpose of the study is to give the client the option to reconsider its plans at an early stage, before committing money and resources to further market analysis and planning. If the client decides to proceed, the feasibility study forms the basis for more detailed research.


We deliver a market sector report which usually includes:

  • a list of main competitors, their prices and sales channels
  • assessment of the client's competitiveness in the market
  • overview of market opportunities and dangers

In preparing our report we take the time to understand our client's existing business model and products/services. Our research is primarily "desk-based" and focused on official statistics and data, internet research and phone interviews with e.g. distributors, producers and end customers. To better understand the market challenges and opportunities we talk with or meet industry actors or experts.

Market Research and Strategic Analysis. When engineering a successful market entry and expansion, a deep understanding of the local market and the clients’ own internal competencies is required. We help our clients to develop all or parts of this understanding.

Our assignments vary depending on the client’s unique needs, but the analysis is generally based on three perspectives:


The Customer: Who are the potential and existing customers? How do they make their purchase decisions? What types of customers are the most profitable? How can they be reached?


The Competitive Environment: Who are the main competitors? How do they compete? How do they get their products to the market? What pricing policies are used? What regulations influence the market?


The Competencies: What are the client’s strengths and weaknesses? How well prepared is the client to meet the market in terms of development-, procurement-, sales-, distribution- and service skills?  How can these skills be improved?


A solid analysis from these perspectives gives a good fundament from which to drive the development of a successful market strategy

Entry Strategy Development. The strategic analysis will have left you with an understanding of the market environment as well as options for how to proceed. During the strategy development process we can help you to evaluate these options and action-plan the way forward.

The strategy development process is generally based on workshops where your management team through brainstorming, discussions, scenario evaluations and other activities agree on where you want to go, where you are now and how to reach your medium- and long-term goals.


Resulting KPI’s and action plans are tools to help you with the implementation process.

Market- and Business Plan Deveopment. Whether for internal or external use, a business plan will help drive your company forward. When your strategies and plans are developed, they must be clarified and put on paper so you can communicate them to employees or external actors

While the market plan outlines your place in your market, competitive situation, customers, SWOT  etc. as well as your strategy to reach the market, the broader business plan brings in personnel, finances and other company-wide perspectives to complete the picture.


We will support you in producing these documents to suit your needs.